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  • This is a model that can be used to examine postpartum uterine involution, and can be worn by a person or a mannequin.

  • The model represents the state of uterine involution up to 5 days postpartum.

  • The model can be worn by a person to practice postpartum care, including communication training.


  • The abdominal wall is created from a special material to closely resemble the texture of a human body. It is well suited for demonstrating palpation, because the model allows the fundus to be examined by palpation.

  • By changing the uterus models (four types), it can be used to check the status of uterine involution during the postpartum period.

  • By having a person wear the model, postpartum care can be demonstrated while communicating with them.

  • By wearing the model, a person can experience how a woman feels after giving birth.

  • The model includes a realistic vulva to remind users that a postnatal mother might have

    feelings of modesty and embarrassment.

  • The model can be used to demonstrate realistically how to change sanitary shorts and pads.