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  • This model has been redesigned and is now made with a new flexible, life-like material
  • The most comprehensive wound care model of its kind, moulded from a 74-year-old patient
  • To help healthcare professionals and patients in the identification and staging of wounds
  • and their probable etiologies
  • Teaching routine cleansing and dressing techniques
  • The principles, skills and tools necessary for wound cleansing, classification, staging and assessment can be reviewed, as well as the measurement of wound length, depth, undermining and tunnelling
  • Patient education
  • Displaying the following pressure ulcers:
    • Stage I
    • Stage II
    • Stage III with undermining, tunneling, subcutaneous fat and slough
    • Deep Stage IV with exposed bones, undermining, tunneling, subcutaneous fat, eschar and slough
    • Also shown are a suspected DTI (Deep Tissue Injury), unstageable full eschar/slough wound and a 13cm dehisced wound
    • The Stage III and Stage IV are positioned so that a ‘bridging’ dressing for use with a vacuum assisted closure and negative pressure wound therapy devices can be demonstrated and practised


  • Made of a unique new material that permits the application and easy removal of dressings without leaving an adhesive residue
  • Each wound has been realistically coloured to assist in identification and cause
  • The positioning of the wounds permits multiple dressings to be demonstrated at the same time