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  • General nursing procedures:
    • Dressing and undressing
    • Daily body care
    • Movement, putting to bed and positioning
    • Nose, eye and throat care – including
    • administration of drops
  • Specific care methods:
    • Enema
    • Lavage enema/clyster
    • Intestinal tube insertion
  • Catheterising and feeding:
  • Injections and infusions:
    • IM injection (thigh, upper arm)
    • SC injection (stomach)
    • Demonstration of IV injection and infusion
    • Connection of infusion equipment
    • IV puncture
    • Lavage
    • Gastric lavage
  • Wound treatment:
    • Dressing and removal of sutures
    • PEG care
    • Stoma care
    • Supra-pubic puncture of bladder including removal and care
    • Tracheostomy care


  • Natural size, lifelike three year old child, 90cm body length
  • Realistic training doll with the facility for numerous nursing procedures for training paediatric nurses
  • Made of special plastic with new, durable joint mechanisms which allow natural movement
  • Exchangeable abdominal wall allows child to be either male or female
  • Female abdominal wall has appendectomy scar
  • Male abdominal wall has a scar from hernia operation
  • Abdominal walls equipped with:
    • Stoma
    • Openings for PEG and supra-pubic bladder puncture
  • Right arm can be exchanged for an
  • IV injection arm
  • Upper arms and thighs provided with injection pads  


A complete range of spare parts is available for the Child Nursing Doll

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  • ARR03023