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  • Measurement, placement and securement of nasogastric and nasojejunal tubes
  • Insertion of gastrostomy device
  • Tube misplacement into left or right lung
  • Measuring pH (acidity/alkalinity) of stomach aspirate
  • Enteral feeding via nasogastric, nasojejunal or gastrostomy devices
  • Administration of liquid based medicines


The CorMan® simulator has been designed to allow training on a variety of scenarios. The feeding tube may be diverted into either the right or left lung, into the stomach or through a dynamic pyloric sphincter into the duodenum. An open mouth and moveable head demonstrate feeding tube curling in the back of the mouth during difficult placements. The lungs, stomach and small intestine all accept fluids, allowing for aspiration and administering feed or medication.

Developed in collaboration with clinical experts the simulator has been designed to enhance training and proficiency in nasogastric and nasojejunal feed tube and gastrostomy device placement and management in adults. 

  • Easy to use, minimal maintenance
  • Accurate internal anatomy
  • Divided nasal septum allows use of nasal bridles
  • Moveable head and visible tube curling
  • Trachea/oesophagus feed tube diversion
  • Left and right lung entry
  • Stomach unit with gastrostomy opening
  • Dynamic pyloric sphincter and duodenum
  • Upright or supine use
  • Transparent anatomy to aid understanding.Removable skin enhances blind training

2 Year Guarantee

  • This model, manufactured by Adam,Rouilly, comes with a 2 Year Guarantee.
    This guarantee applies to models which have been used correctly and covers durability and functionality


  • Silicone lubricant
  • Instruction manual
  • Rigid carrying case with wheels

Size 10 Fr Nasogastric , Size 12 Fr Ryles and Size 16 Fr Gastrostomy devices should be used with this model 


  • S90/9