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  • A multi-functional intubation model produced in cooperation with Prof. Dr. John A. Nakhosteen for teaching paediatric bronchoscopy and upper airway anatomy
  • Manipulating instruments within the confines of paediatric anatomy
  • Using rigid bronchoscope and flexible fibre-optic bronchoscope (FBB)
  • Laryngoscopic intubation



  • Model corresponds to a four to five year old child
  • Realistic right-left head movement and retroanteflexion
  • Nasal passages suitable for 4.5 mm nasotracheal tube
  • Tracheo-bronchial anatomy with tracheal lumen
  • Accoustic membranes in the thoracic wall for auscultation
  • Integrated tracheo-bronchial system which can accommodate a 5mm rigid bronchoscope
  • If during intubation, too much pressure is applied an audio signal is heard