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  • Enlarged approximately 5 times, in SOMSO-PLAST®
  • The orbital process of the frontal bone and the small wing of the sphenoid bone have been removed in order to allow view of the bony orbit
  • The six muscles of the eye are modelled very clearly and the superior and lateral straight muscles of the eyeball can be removed
  • Separates into 9 parts:
    • Median section of the eyeball (the lens is fixed in the left half)
    • Vitreous humour
    • The right half of sclerotic membrane and choroid membrane with retina can be removed
    • All important nerves and blood-vessels are represented
    • Lacrimal organs with eyelids
  • On a green base
  • H 33.5 cm, W 45 cm, D 37 cm
  • Weight 8.5 kg
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