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Skills and Features


  • Enlarged approximately three times, in SOMSO-Plast®
  • Series of four models for understanding congenital heart defects
  • Developed in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Meisner of the German Heart Centre, Munich
  • An exceptional medium for understanding congenital organic heart diseases: 
    • For the education and further training of doctors, nurses, and students
    • For training specialists in cardiology and cardiac surgery
    • Four ideal models for basic medical training, clinical training, nursing schools, and patient information
  • Removable from green bases
  • Series comprises:
    • MH32/1 Transposition of Great Vessels with defects of atrium and ventricular septum, Ductus Botalli. The typical feature is for the aorta to arise from the anterior ventricle.
    • MH32/2 Fallot’s Tetralogy this congenital defect is characterised by stenosis of the pulmonary valve and the infundibulum of the right ventricle.
    • MH32/3 Various Defects of the Ventricular Septum the most common defect of the ventricular septum is in the upper part of the ventricular septum under the tricuspid valve.
    • MH32/4 Total Atrioventricular Canal there is a defect in every septum and the atrioventricular valve is not formed normally
  • ​Weight 2.75 kg


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