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Skills and Features


  • A unique, compact, comprehensive and realistic model to assist healthcare professionals and patients in the identification and staging of wounds and their robable etiologies
  • Teaching routine cleansing and dressing techniques
  • This model makes it possible to visualize and understand the differences in wounds
  • The principles, skills and tools necessary for wound cleansing, classification, staging and assessment can be reviewed, as well as the measurement of wound length, depth, undermining and tunnelling
  • Patient education
  • Displays the following pressure ulcers:
    • An unstageable eschar/slough wound
    • Stage I (both darkly and lightly pigmented skin)
    • Stage II (as intact blister and open wound)
    • Stage III with undermining, tunneling and slough
    • Shallow Stage IV over the malleolus with exposed bone and tendon
    • Stage IV with exposed bone, tendon, muscle and undermining, tunneling, eschar and slough
  • The darkly pigmented skin section shows how different a Stage I, blood blister  and suspected deep tissue injury (DTI) may appear depending on the pigmentation
  • The DTIs, when felt, have a “spongy/soft” feel, especially helpful in darkly  pigmented patients where visualisation of the injury may not be apparent


  • Made of a unique new material that permits the application and easy removal of dressings without leaving an adhesive residue
  • Each wound has been realistically coloured to assist in identification and cause
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