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Skills and Features


  • A realistic model for training in the use of ultrasound to locate and access veins 
  • The material used gives an ultrasound image as would be seen on a patient when accessing veins under ultrasound guidance 


  • Compact model with lid 
  • There are three vessels: 4.8 mm superficial vessel 
    • 11 mm deeply placed vessel 
    • 8 mm vessel which bifurcates into two 4.8 mm vessels 
  • The anatomically correct curved surface and skin tone are representative of the commonly scanned areas on patients 
  • The vessel depths are offset so that, by rotating the model, the depth of the vessel changes - on one side the vessel is closer to the surface, on the other it is at a greater depth 
  • Easily accessible from both sides, its length allows catheters to be threaded into the vessels for a true insertion experience 
  • Vessels are compressible and a flashback will confirm correct needle placement 
  • Vessels are filled with simulated blood mimicking the appearance of human blood on the ultrasound image and can be easily refilled with the supplied simulated ultrasound blood, without the use of exposed needles 
Additional Information


  • Base, simulated ultrasound blood and instruction manual 



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