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Skills and Features


  • For learning and demonstrating competence with most common types vascular access devices (VADs):
    • Implanted ports
    • Central venous catheters (CVCs)
    • Peripherally inserted central catheters (PICCs)
  • Practice in Difficulty Accessing of:
    • Deeply placed port
    • Tilting or tipping port
    • Wandering or shifting port
  • Lifelike model of human torso includes detachable right arm within one simple,portable, compact model




  • AS AV2400 CHESTER CHEST WITH STANDARD ARM but is also supplied  with a recessed area for placement of a peripheral port (port not included)
  • The left chest area consists of:
    • Chest tissue flap in a specially formulated material which duplicates the feel of human tissue, which when placed over the chest port, provides realistic practice of palpating and accessing, with proper access of the port being confirmed by blood withdrawal
    • Real implanted port under chest tissue flap
    • Rigid underlying surface with moulded ribs and recessed area for interchangeable inserts
    • Difficult Accessing Inserts made of a soft tissue-like material and placed under or over the port to simulate palpating and accessing a port
  • The right chest area has: 9.6FR tunnelled central catheter that is visible up to the clavicle
    • Slightly raised external jugular vein with an opening for attaching a catheter
    • Opening in the chest for a subclavian catheter
  • Cleansing, application of dressings, securement, fluid withdrawal and infusion can be demonstrated at all sites
  • Model can be used in either an upright or supine position
  • The advanced arm has:
    • Dual lumen 5FR Peripherally Inserted
    • Central Catheter (PICC) exiting the basilica vein from the inner bicep area
    • Basilic vein is slightly raised for easy identification
    • Posterior to the PICC insertion site is a recessed area for placement of a peripheral port (port not included)
    • The base of the recessed area is made of a soft material which permits the port to float when accessed. This area is covered with removable tissue like flap which, when placed over the port, provides realistic feel of palpating and accessing
  • The dual PICC and IV catheter and peripheral port are attached to a simulated blood bag to permit practice of fluid withdrawal and infusion
  • Cleansing, application of dressings and securement can be demonstrated at all sites


Additional Information


  • Instruction manual




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