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Skills and Features


  • ADAM and DAVID are both available with electronics – an exterior console box that indicates:
  • Correct hand position
  • Adequate chest compression
  • Adequate air volume
  • ADAM and DAVID, two contemporary, trouble-free CPR manikins that deliver effective training
  • Lifelike anatomical landmarks (carotid pulse, sternum, rib cage and substernal notch) and realistic resistance to chest compression help students learn with accuracy and perfect their life saving skills


  • Affordability and ease of use – critical keys to building a successful life support programme
  • Rugged, simple construction eliminates time consuming maintenance and clean-up procedures
  • Keys to the manikin’s efficiency are:
  • Unique ball/valve airway cut-off
  • Low cost disposable airway system
  • Individual mouth/nose pieces
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Each manikin is delivered with airway system and mouth/nose piece installed
Additional Information


  • Built-in kneeling pads
  • Disposable airway systems (10)
  • Mouth/nose pieces (10)
  • Carrying bag



Nasco Healthcare

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