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Skills and Features


  • For the ultimate in safety and convenience we offer a complete range of CPARLENE™ Manikins
    • Adult CPR trainer
    • Simulated carotid pulse
    • Jaw thrust



  • Hygienic heads which require no cleaning
  • Individual student face masks provide maximum protection against cross contamination
  • Each face mask is designed with a one-way non-rebreathing valve and is disposable
  • Disposable tracheal airway and lower airway with lung bag eliminates time consuming disinfection procedures
  • Fully articulated head, neck and jaw
  • Palpable landmarks for hand placement
  • Xiphoid, navel, nipples and rib cage landmarks
  • Moulded hair
  • Washable chest skin with Velcro closures


Additional Information


  • Face mask
  • Disposable tracheal airway
  • Disposable lower airway
  • Corrugated cardboard case with strap



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