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Skills and Features


  • Familiarity with the abdominal regions and underlying anatomy
  • Practice in abdominal palpation, auscultation and percussion
  • Ability to recognize and differentiate a range of abnormal organs and pathologies
  • Identification of ascites, specifically shifting dullness and fluid thrill
  • Identification of gaseous distension and bowel obstruction
  • Ballottement of kidneys
  • Patient communication


  • Trainer or Simulated Patient can vary respiratory movement of liver and spleen by the turn of a wheel
  • Integral amplifier and surface mounted MP3 player allow training in auscultation of normal and high-pitched or obstructed bowel sounds, renal and aortic bruits - in variable locations
  • Volume of bowel sounds can be adjusted and MP3 player allows for additional sounds to be loaded
  • Distension set allows for the following: realistic checking for ascites using percussion, shifting dullness or fluid thrill technique and simulation of bowel obstruction on percussion and auscultation
  • Pulse bulb allows simulation of normal and aneurysmal aortic pulse
  • Organs feel realistic on palpation and respond appropriately to percussion
  • Lifelike quality of abdominal skin accommodates stretching for gaseous distension and ascites simulation
  • Realistic ballottement of enlarged kidney
  • Abdominal skin is simple to remove, allowing quick and easy changeover of organs
  • Suitable for both bench top use and hybrid use with simulated patient
  • Model can be rolled onto side for examination of ascites and shifting dullness


  • Torso featuring abdomen, pelvis and lower part of thorax
  • Bony landmarks include ribs, costal margin, xiphisternum, pubic crest and anterior superior iliac spines
  • 3 Livers: slightly enlarged, enlarged with smooth edge and enlarged with irregular edge
  • 2 Spleens: slightly enlarged and markedly enlarged
  • 2 Enlarged Kidneys
  • Distended Bladder
  • 2 Aortas: normal and aneurysmal
  • Set of 6 Abdominal Pathologies including 4 smooth masses and 2 irregular hard masses
  • Distension Set including ascites bag, gaseous distension bag, pump and foam insert
  • Simplified representation of lower thoracic and lumbar spine
Additional Information


  • Abdominal Examination Skin
  • Abdominal Rectus Bag
  • Abdominal Examination Organ Locator
  • Abdominal Wall
  • Abdominal Examination Livers (Set of 3)
  • Abdominal Examination Spleens (Set of 2)
  • Abdominal Examination Kidneys (Set of 2)
  • Abdominal Examination Pathologies (Set of 6)
  • Abdominal Examination Distension Set
  • Power supply
  • Carry case


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