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Skills and Features


  • This model enables practical training in gynaecological examination
  • Pactical training of vaginoscopy, probing, and cytology such as collection of intimal smears


  • Soft external material replicates that of the human body and provides realistic simulation of bimanual examination
  • The 6 interchangealbe uteri are movable which recreates realistic examination of conditions such as cervical motion tenderness
  • Size of the ovarian cysts and hydrosalpinx can be adjusted by pumping air with the included air pump
Additional Information


  • Normal uterus
  • Early pregnancy uterus
  • Hysteromyoma 1 (in tunica muscularis)
  • Hysteromyoma 2 (under endometrium)
  • Ovarian cyst 1 (ping-pong ball size)
  • Ovarian cyst 2 (tennis ball size)
  • Hydrosalpinx Air pump




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