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Skills and Features


  • Designed for practising ultrasound guided central venous puncture as well as landmark puncture
  • Identify puncture site by recognising the important landmarks
  • CV puncture can be performed
  • Ultrasound can be used to confirm access to the following:
  • Internal jugular venous puncture
  • Subclavian venous puncture
  • Supraclavicular venous puncture


  • Silicone skin is realistic in external appearance and to touch
  • Simulated blood can be collected when a needle is inserted into the vein
  • Loss of air pressure indicates puncture of the lung
Additional Information



  • Main body
  • Internal jugular venous puncture site
  • Subclavian venous puncture site
  • Blood bag
  • Dark simulated blood
  • Syringe
  • Accessory case
  • Storage bag




This simulator is designed for practising CV puncture only, catheter and guide wires cannot be inserted into this model.

Needles smaller than 20 Fg should be used with this model.

Two representative Ultrasound images of the internal jugular vein are shown:


A Internal jugular vein showing distortion due to pressure exerted by the ultrasound probe

B Common carotid artery

Image 2

A Internal jugular vein

B Common carotid artery

Please note that when using ultrasound imaging with this simulator, the image clarity will not be as defined as when using ultrasound on the human body




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