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Skills and Features


  • Representation of sternum and clavicle enables:
    • Measurement of clavicle
    • Confirmation of clavicle fracture
  • Bathing (neck, ears and positioning of arms and legs)
  • Overall observation and measurement of each part of the body (head, umbilicus,
  • testicles, etc)
  • Simple physical exercises
  • Use of nappy
  • Use of rectal thermometer
  • Care and treatment of umbilical cord
  • Suctioning: nose, oral cavity, stomach


  • Made of silicone with the appearance and texture of real skin. It gives the trainee the sense of handling a real baby and is suitable for learning infant handling
  • Waterproof, seamless skin
  • Realistic anterior and posterior fontanelles, sutura coronalis and sutura sagittallis
  • Flexible head and ears
  • Oral opening runs from the oral cavity to the stomach with a length of 15 cm
  • Nasal opening runs from the nostrils to the larynx with a length of 5 cm
  • Arms and legs can be freely bent into any position
  • Detachable umbilical cord
  • Scrotum includes testicles
  • Anal canal is 5 cm deep
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