Skills and Features


  • Practice of both injection and blood sampling using this model provides trainees with a realistic experience


  • This lifelike model features silicone skin that is remarkably similar to human skin
  • The sensation of injecting a needle into the model’s simulated skin and blood vessels is identical to that encountered when performing an injection on a real patient.
  • Durable skin conceals injection marks well, even after numerous practice injections
  • Injection points are resistant to tears and other damage
  • Artificial blood features the same viscosity and colour of human blood. Since it is entirely water soluble, spills are cleaned easily without the worry of staining
  • Lifelike circulation operates through a simple process
  • Skin and veins easily replaced
Additional Information


  • Arm skin and arm musculature
  • Veins
  • Stand
  • Elbow rest
  • Fluid bottles (2)
  • Artificial blood (500ml) 
  • Carrying case




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