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Skills and Features


  • A teaching aid to help students and patients in detecting breast cancer  symptoms and in training women in self-examination


  • Made of soft silicone which feels very lifelike
  • Hard and soft lumps and skin changes are realistically simulated including changes in nipples and lymph nodes

Diagram illustrating conditions of pathologies shows :

      1.Hard lump with irregular surface representing cancerous tumour
      2. Soft lump with flat surface representing benign tumour
      3. Hard lump with irregular surface representing cancerous tumour
      Lymph Node Metastasis
      4. Hard axillary lymph node
      5. Hard cervical lymph node
      Nipple changes and Discharges
      6. Depressed nipple
      7. Excema of the nipple representing Paget's cancer 
      Skin Changes
      8. Skin deperession and dimple
      9. Ulcer formation, partial oedema prominent follicles and orange peel appearance
      10. Inflammatory breast cancer 


Additional Information


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