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Skills and Features


  • A simple but accurate model which show the female anatomy in detail
  • Ideal for health education, sex education and sex therapy to aid relating anatomy to female sexuality and sexual relationships
  • The model is designed to be handled and can be opened to show the inner organs
  • Natural size, in SOMSO-PLAST®
  • in a transparent skin cover made from special plastic
  • Developed in co-operation with Angelika Beck
  • Model of the female sexual organs based on current research which makes new aspects clear - both in relation to female sexuality and gender difference
  • H 21.5 cm, W 49 cm, D 30 cm
  • Weight: 2.5 kg


  • Natural size
  • Individual organs are colour coded for easy identification
  • The organs not predominantly involved in reproduction are coloured yellow, orange, pink, and blue, i.e. bladder, urethra, female prostate (Prostata feminina), clitoris, and cavernous bodies.
  • Organs predominantly involved in reproduction are coloured green: ovaries, Fallopian tubes, uterus and vagina 
  • The intestines and the muscles of the pelvic floor are coloured pale pink 
  • Removable transparent cover
  • The transparent model of the female sexual organs is easy to open, allowing the internal organs to be viewed and touched, thus providing clear information on the location of the bladder, the vagina, and the intestines as well as on the size of the clitoris and on the location of the cavernous bodies
  • The female prostate (Prostata feminina) and its proximity to the vagina are visible
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