Skills and Features


  • Unisex model of chest for pre or post-op patient selfcare practising with central venous catheters (CVCs)
  • Offers patients and support persons supervised hands on participation in a realistic situation reducing anxiety and providing confidence while eliminating the risk of infection
  • The visual and tactile experience provided lends itself to a natural and positive transition to the patient’s own catheter
  • Arin Apron enables patient to develop hand-eye co-ordination for:
    • Flushing techniques
    • Infusion technique
    • Maintenance
    • Dressing changes
    • Securing
    • Blood withdrawal





  • The only apron manufactured from a stain resistant material, allowing the repeated use of all commonly used catheter care solutions.
  • It has two pre-positioned real CVC’s, one on right side and one on left side of the apron
  • Distal ends of catheters are attached to a simulated blood reservoir bag on the back of the model to permit blood withdrawal or fluid infusion
  • Catheter’s subcutaneous tunnels are visible up to, and just over, clavicle
  • Arin Apron can be comfortably worn by both males and females
Additional Information


  • Central venous catheters (2)
  • Blood reservoir bag and pouch
  • Neck strap
  • Carrying case