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Skills and Features


  • A detailed set of disease, pressure and surgically induced wounds to assist practitioners in understanding the treatment of their patients
  • Helps in clinical nurse, nursing assistant and healthcare assistant training in visualizing the problems that arise when caring for these wounds  


  • Can be used with KERI and GERI Manikins
  • Adult stoma
  • Second degree burn
  • Large road rash
  • 6” skin graft
  • Ankle oedema (2)
  • Surgical site infection level 1
  • Surgical site infection level 2
  • Surgical site infection level 3
  • Bed sore 4th Stage (70 mm)
  • Ulcer, stage 1
  • Spray container of stinky sweat and vomit spray assist in presentation
Additional Information


  • Makeup accessories including spirit gum, coagulant blood, adhesive removal wipes (12) and carrying case


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