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Skills and Features


  • Simulation and training in the following types of birth:
    • Normal
    • Breech
    • Shoulder dystocia management
    • Instrumental (forceps and vacuum devices)
    • Delivery of placenta
    • Cord prolapse
    • Cord prolapse
  • Urinary catheter placement
  • Intramuscular injection
  • Communication and teamwork skills


  • Building on the success of the PROMPT Birthing simulators, the PROMPT FLEX offers improved anatomy, durability and functionality
  • An ideal training solution for all skills relating to routine and difficult deliveries, and can be used for both hybrid simulation and stand-alone bench top training
  • A modular design allowing for numerous training scenarios
  • Realistic Anatomy (Mother):
    • Birth canal and cervix
    • Gynaecoid pelvis
    • Articulating thighs
    • Ischial spines and pubic bone
  • Realistic Anatomy (Baby):
    • Fully articulated baby with detachable umbilical cord and placenta
    • Baby includes  clavicles, fontanelles and flexible head
Additional Information


  • Birthing Mother (with Upper Legs), Standard Baby, Placenta, Abdomen for Prompt Flex, Perineum & birth Canal for Prompt Flex, Carrying case



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