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Skills and Features


  • Skills Designed for nurses and caregivers to demonstrate the procedure for replacing cannulas or performing suction through a cannula
  • Soft posterior tracheal wall enables student to feel compression when cuff is over inflated
  • Transparent trachea enables trainees to observe correct positioning of suction catheter and how to perform suction using the upper part of the cuff
  • Detachable trachea facilitates explanation of the areas where granulation tends to develop
  • A ventilator can be operated by attaching the provided cannula and connecting to a test lung allowing confirmation of the alarm sound generated when air leakage occurs


  • Model separates into two halves and the trachea section is transparent, allowing confirmation of cannula insertion and the position of the suction catheter in the cannula during suction
  • Thyroid cartilage can be felt through the skin
Additional Information


  • Main body, trachea, tracheostomy cannula, instruction manual and carrying bag




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