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Skills and Features


  • Unique kit for simulating the changes which take place in the body due to the ageing process in:
    • Bones
    • Joints
    • Sight
    • Hearing
  • Ideal for Community Nursing and Care of the Elderly


  • Designed to simulate the human ageing process, the wearer of this simulator will experience restricted movement plus reduced vision and hearing
  • When wearing the restrictors moving elbow and knee joints will be difficult
  • Using the weights on the wrists and ankles simulates weakened muscular power
  • Wearing the gloves and finger restrictors reduces sense of touch for fingers and the ability to grasp objects making trainee clumsy
  • Wearing the back brace the trainee experiences the stooped posture specific to ageing
  • Inserting the ear-plugs enables the trainee to experience age related hearing loss which blocks high frequency sounds
  • Wearing the goggles the trainee experiences loss of peripheral vision and the change in visual function due to cataracts
  • Using the folding walking stick the trainee experiences how a person with reduced mobility handicapped person supports himself using a walking stick
Additional Information


  • Restrictors for elbows, knees and fingers (1 pair for each)
  • Back brace
  • Pair of weights each for the wrists (500g) and ankles (1kg)
  • Gloves (10 pairs)
  • Pair goggles
  • Ear plugs (50 pairs)
  • Folding walking stick
  • Bib
  • Instruction leaflet
  • Storage bag

Product size

For Height 155 - 170 Cm



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