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Adam,Rouilly Centenary

On the 19th October 2018 Adam,Rouilly proudly marked the Centenary of the founding of the Company. Guests, including customers, suppliers and distributors from around the world, gathered at the Museum of the Order of St John in London to celebrate the founding of the Company by Guy Rouilly in 1918. The venue itself was chosen since Saint John Ambulance was a very early customer of Adam,Rouilly.

Guests first viewed a comprehensive exhibition from the Adam,Rouilly archives which presented both the company history and its involvement in the evolution of medical teaching. On display were very early documents and records from the Company’s first premises in Fitzroy Street, London, some penned by founder Guy Rouilly. Also on show were a range of products from Adam,Rouilly’s archive of skeletons, wax and papier-mâché anatomical models and charts to the present day SOMSO® Modelle anatomical, zoological and botanical models and Adam,Rouilly’s innovative range of  Clinical Skills Simulators.

Guests went on to enjoy dinner in the Chapel and Company Directors, Michael and Jenny Whitebread expressed their gratitude to those attending, Michael himself noting his employment by Guy Rouilly, some 56 years ago. After-dinner speaker, Dr Adam Rutherford, Writer, Geneticist and Broadcaster, presented a fascinating talk on the early history of anatomy study and its link with the arts.

On behalf of the Directors and Staff, Adam,Rouilly would like to thank those who attended and everyone for their good wishes on this Company milestone. 

The future for Adam,Rouilly is to uphold Guy Rouilly’s founding principles of offering excellent products and service. 

Our motivation is simple, to help train future generations of healthcare professionals and continue to serve medical education worldwide. 

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