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  • Developed in conjunction with the Department of Anaesthesia at Queens University Belfast. for training and practice in airway management techniques 
  • Laryngeal masks 
  • Full range of supraglottic devices 
  • Direct laryngoscopy 
  • Endotracheal tube insertion 
  • Awake fibre optic examination 
  • Needle cricothyroidotomy systems 
  • Single lung isolation techniques 
  • Combi tube insertion 
  • Plus:
    • Nasotracheal intubation
    • Nasally directed fibre optic examination
    • Awake fibre optic examination
    • Bag and mask ventilation techniques


  • Uniquely constructed AirSim airway, designed to provide true, anatomically correct and visually accurate internal features 
  • Head articulation ranges from the standard ‘sniffing’ position to more difficult scenarios 
  • An inflatable tongue with real-life size and texture 
  • Plus:
    • Highly accurate anatomical replication of nasal passage constructed out of same material as main airway offering similar tactile feedback during procedures
    • Important landmarks such as the turbinates in nasal passage are clearly defined
    • Spring loaded jaw mandible allows full range of mouth opening and jaw movements, as well as jaw thrust technique
    • The addition of ‘real feel’ skin provides a more realistic bag mask ventilation training experience
    • AIRSIM ADVANCE also features an improved neck design allowing for accurate articulation


  • Lightweight carry case
  • Instruction manual CD
  • ATL001