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  • For the identification of typical decubitis ulcers formed in the sacral region


  • Set consists of six different skins representing stages I – IV of decubitis ulcer formation
  • By placing skins on top of each other, (starting at Stage 6) removal of each skin illustrates the stages of decubitis ulcer formation
  • Model can be fitted to a training doll or trainee
          Stage I Model 1 Skin flare
              No changes to pale skin by pressure
              No damage to epidermis
          Stage II Models 2 & 3 Partial skin wound to epidermis and dermis
              Blister and erosion observed
          Stage III Models 4 & 5 Wound to subcutanous tissue
              A pocket may be formed
          Stage IV Model 6 Deep wound down to the muscle, bone and supporting tissue
              A pocket is formed and surgery may be required