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  • Comprehensive model with interchangeable components for
    a practical training in a variety of procedures

    Obstetric Abdominal Palpation model for:
  • Visual diagnosis
  • Obstetric abdominal palpation
  • Abdominal measurements - Leopold’s manoeuvre
  • Monitoring fetal heartbeat
  • Breast care

    Vaginal Examination Model for:
  • Vaginal examination
  • Bishop score confirmation – dilatation, extension, hardness, position of cervical canal
  • Degree of engagement of fetal head can be adjusted by
    replacing three stages of both uterus and fetal head models
  • Fetal head rotation relative to position of sagittal suture
    and fontanelle
  • Urethral opening for urinary catheter insertion

    Obstetric Model for:
  • Various delivery positions – supine, hands and knees,
    lateral and standing
  • Fetal head model for rotation according to position
  • Breech delivery

    Puerperal Uterus Palpation Model for identification of:
  • Normal and abnormal conditions on the first day
  • Normal conditions on the third and fifth days
  • Uterus recovery through palpation and measurement

    Breast care including palpation, inspection and massage


  • Full Body Manikin
  • Heart beat sound generator
  • Abdomen for delivery

    Abdominal Palpation Model
  • Pregnant skin
  • Fetus with amnion
  • AC adapter

    Vaginal Examination Model
  • More realistic feel of ischial spines and pubic symphysis
    during vaginal examination
  • Three dilatation models
  • Fetal head model

    Obstetric Model Set
  • Primipara Vulva Type II
  • Fetus
  • Placenta

    Perineal Suturing Model
  • Left and right episiotomy sutures

    Puerperal Uterus Model
  • Puerperal skin
  • Four uteri models and stand
  • AK0636

    PERINEAL SUTURE MODELS (5 left and 5 right)