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  • Now included with AC9/7 SCOPIN II (BRONCHO BOY) TRAINER
  • Natural size
  • ‘Cold’ areas of reduced fluorescence for practising autofluorescent bronchoscopy
  • Made from a special material which when carrying out an endoscopic examination with white light appears naturally red. After replacing with a fluorescent light source the bronchial tree appears green
  1. Vocal cords and ventral commissure
  2. Trachea: main bifurcation distally
  3. Upper right lobe bronchus: subsegments of RB3 visible
  4. Main stem bronchi: branching to the right upper lobe and middle lobe bronchi visible
  5. White light appearance of fluorescing bronchial tree: RB9/10 spur with normal features
  6. Fluorescence bronchoscopic appearance of the same spur as Figure 5 (RB9/10): in the  middle is a cold spot corresponding to a carcinoma in situ, visible only in the fluorescence mode