Our History

On the 19th October 2018 Adam,Rouilly proudly marked the Centenary of the founding of the Company. For 100 years Adam,Rouilly has been serving medical education. From our earliest beginnings in London in 1918 to a present day worldwide network of distributors, our focus on quality and service has remained unchanged. See our rich heritage below:


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Mr Adam and Monsieur Rouilly

Monsieur Guy Rouilly originally worked for his father’s company, E. Rouilly and Sons, manufacturing and supplying architectural fittings. M. Rouilly took over the business with a Mr Adam and changed the name to Adam,Rouilly.

Whilst visiting a customer, he found a human skull which he took to the Middlesex Hospital Medical School just down the road from the Adam,Rouilly premises at 18 Fitzroy Street, London W1.

Asked if he could provide more skulls, M. Rouilly was quick to realise that there was a demand for medical teaching material.

Shortly afterwards his line of business took an entirely different direction when he began importing skeletons, anatomical models and lay figures.

Within six months Mr Adam, about whom very little is known, disappeared.







The House of Osteology

From the 1920’s, M. Rouilly supplied articulated skeletons to all the London Medical Schools and Teaching Hospitals.

M. Rouilly strived to ensure that the material he offered was of the highest quality. Staff were trained in the articulation of skeletons and these skilled workers were known as Osteologists.


In the Beginning

Albert Petts joined Adam,Rouilly at the age of 14 and he worked for the company from 1922 until his retirement in 1973.

One of his first jobs was to deliver anatomical models to the Matron at East Dulwich Hospital. M. Rouilly instructed Albert to borrow a handcart from the Greengrocers next door (at a charge of 6d). Pushing the handcart loaded with heavy plaster models, he set off on the 6 mile journey.

The road as far as Camberwell was fairly level but then he had to push the cart up Denmark Hill past Kings College Hospital, over the top of Camberwell Grove down Dog Kennel Hill. At this point the cart almost ran away with him. He arrived at the hospital so exhausted that the Matron insisted on sending him back to M. Rouilly by ambulance with the hand cart being towed behind. The greengrocer took pity on him and let him keep 3d of the 6d charge.


Early Connections

In 1927, Guy Rouilly met Marcus Sommer who was on a sales tour in London. The close co-operation between the two formed the basis of an enduring personal relationship which still continues to this day between Adam,Rouilly and Somso.


Suppliers from Afar

M. Rouilly established long term relationships with companies throughout the world as the range of products offered by Adam,Rouilly expanded.

In the early days, Établissements du Dr Auzoux in France supplied a limited range of extremely detailed papier-mâché models. Unfortunately, due to the fragile nature of these models, they became less popular as plastic models gradually became available.

From the 1930’s Adam,Rouilly purchased skeletal material from the firm of Reknas Ltd, Calcutta. This continued until the export of natural bone skeletons ceased in 1985.


The Bedford Doll

In 1931, M. Rouilly introduced the Bedford Hospital Demonstration Doll developed in co-operation with Miss Bedford, nurse tutor at one of the London Nursing Schools.

The female Bedford Doll was life-size, had removable and jointed legs and arms with a papier-mâché head, natural hair and realistic glass eyes.

These fabric covered nurse training dolls were unique with their soft, palpable skin making them look and feel lifelike - although the early dolls bear little resemblance to the models which are still sold today.

Extract from Camera on Unknown, London

" A unique little shop at no. 18 Fitzroy Street imports skeletons from abroad - for sale.

Mr. Guy Rouilly, of the firm of Adam,Rouilly & Co., has the only business of this kind in the country. Skeletons are badly needed by medical students and artists, and he drives a thriving trade. A skeleton costs the purchaser from about ten to fifteen guineas, for it has to be imported from abroad, and ten per cent customs duty is charged on the value. Mr. Rouilly also deals in lay figures and gorilla skeletons - which may be used to support or refute scientific theories."

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Sales and Marketing

M. Rouilly always recognised the importance of marketing and was innovative in his use of catalogues and leaflets. M, Rouilly believed customers needed detailed information about the products and his literature was always very informative.


Serving Medical Education, Worldwide

By the 1960’s, the company moved to Shropshire House, 179 Tottenham Court Road with the showroom continuing to open on Saturday mornings at the beginning of term for the sale of half skeletons and skulls to medical and dental students.

Doctors from all over the world studied in London and the name Adam,Rouilly became known worldwide.


Anatomical Excellence

M. Rouilly recognised the superb quality of Somso models in 1927 and today these are the only Anatomical Models that Adam,Rouilly supplies to Hospitals, Universities and Medical Schools worldwide.

In 1964 SOMSO produced the first plastic torso MT14, and through many developments this model remains highly popular today.


Meeting Customers

Exhibitions are often the first point of contact with customers and over the decades many famous faces have visited one of the Adam,Rouilly stands.

Today, Adam,Rouilly regularly meets healthcare professionals at exhibitions in the United Kingdom and also exhibits overseas at Medica, Germany and Arab Health, UAE.



Management changes took place in the mid 1960’s and M. Rouilly also retired from the company.

Adam,Rouilly remained in Tottenham Court Road until 1972. With the expansion of the company, the showroom and warehousing facilities were insufficient and a showroom was opened in Swiss Cottage, London with a manufacturing and production facility and distribution centre located at a new industrial complex in Sittingbourne, Kent. The range of products continued to expand with the addition of charts and a wide range of simulators.



The London office closed in 1976 and the company now has a purpose built facility in Sittingbourne with Sales, Manufacturing and Distribution all in one location.


Product Development

Developing new products has always been in response to a need. The Infusion Arm Trainer was initially produced for military training, where durability and realism were the principal requirements.


Customers Overseas

M. Rouilly exported to customers around the world and the name of Adam,Rouilly became widely known. A network of distributors was built up over the years – many of whom Adam,Rouilly continues to supply.

Promoting Adam,Rouilly products has involved visiting established customers in all five Continents as well as exploring markets in countries such as Cuba, China, Indonesia, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia.

Additional suppliers from USA, Japan and Europe were carefully selected to uphold the Adam,Rouilly reputation for reliability and quality.


90 Years of Adam,Rouilly

In 2008 Adam,Rouilly celebrated its 90th Anniversary.


Adam,Rouilly Centenary 

On the 19th October 2018 Adam,Rouilly proudly marked the Centenary of the founding of the Company. Guests, including customers, suppliers and distributors from around the world, gathered at the Museum of the Order of St John in London to celebrate the founding of the Company by Guy Rouilly in 1918.

The venue itself was chosen since Saint John Ambulance was a very early customer of Adam,Rouilly. More about this special event here


The Next 100 Years

The range of products now offered has grown to over 1200 since the early brochures produced by M.Rouilly, but today’s catalogue and product range are still designed to reflect his early philosophy of offering excellent products and service. 

Continual product developement has seen the launch of innovative new task trainers such as the Digital Eye and Ear Examination Training Models or ultrasound guided Amnio Abby® for amniocentesis training, whilst collaboration with other world-class manufacturers such as CAE Bluephantom allows us to offer customers the greatest choice in medical training products. 

Our motivation is simple, to help train future generations of healthcare professionals and continue to serve medical education worlwide. 

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